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Operation Valkeryie/July 20

July 28, 2011

I am quite sure that there will be tons of people reading this, out of the millions of blogs online.  So here goes.

I read a really interesting take on the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler.  The author of “A new short history of WWII” states that it was a good thing that Hitler didn’t die.  Reason being that there probably would have been a long period of longing and sympathy for Hitler, that he would have “won” the war with their  new weapons, if he hadn’t been pre-maturely killed by British agents, or even by Jews.  In this scenario,  there would could have been another round of German militarism years later, rather than the lasting peace we have had since 1945.  Remember, the ‘stab in the back’ theory among many Germans that they didn’t lose WWI, it was a conspiracy by Jews and communists who caused their defeat.

I agree with this.  As many people that died in the last few months of the war, Hitler and Nazism was utterly crushed and destroyed forever.  And it had to be.  Look at how long it has lingered in Europe with all these Neo Nazi skin head losers, after what happened.  Just imagine if Hitler had been killed in 1944!!!

Churchill has said several times in 44 and 45 that the Allies greatest asset was Hitler himself, and his wacky ideas about the military and defense,  which he thought he was a genius at doing.  Whomever took over,  if Hitler had died in 44, would have done a much better job, and maybe would have negoiated a peace with the Soviets.

One of the best things I’ve heard on WWII was from Captain Kirk:  “Gill, why the Nazis?!  You knew what they were!  They had to be destroyed at a terrible cost.”



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